Monday, July 25, 2011

Hatred Memento's

Well, I wrote this poem during a sunny day in Berlin. I was on school trip and while i was sitting alone in the middle of Gendarme Platz the bells of the two cathedrals rang. On my left side there was the German cathedral and on my right side the French one and under me the battlefield. You can imagine after centuries of religion fight, around the 1700s for the first time two different religions met themselves, and for the first time different religions coexisted in the same Square.
War and hatred became a pale memory, and peace falls every time that the bells ring.

Hatred Memento's

In the echo
of a bell,
the stillness of the night
will return
that the forgotten spirits;

This is Gendarme Platz in Berlin.


  1. Not bad; you have a lovely blog so I'm following and supporting your art! :)

  2. lovely poem and blog, looking forward to more posts :]

  3. Im gonna show this to my girlfriend, nice job bro!