Friday, August 5, 2011

Everywhere, always explanation

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As I promised now I'm going to explain the poem "Everywhere, always"

Let's start from the beginning, the title: everywhere, always means that most of the time we are subject to lose ourselves anywhere, and at any time.

First stanza:
Dangling feet
grazing November’s scrubs,
at the poppy's penumbra
a necropolis of desires.

Well, as you can read, here there is a man whose dangling feet are grazing scrubs, because he is hanged; he also represents the necropolis of desires because as Schopenhauer said as long as humanity exists their life will be filled with desires. At the poppy's penumbra because he is so small in front of the world that he can stay hanged from a poppy's stem.

Second stanza:
I could be dead or alive
what will the Universe feel?
I'm straw, dried straw
without lymph,
I only wait to parch
and become dull ash.

"I only wait to parch and become dull ash" means that when people dies the differences between one another fall apart: no more rich or poor, white or black, all without names and identity. 

Third stanza:
What am I holding in my fist?
Love, a mother
freedom, fleeting health
dreams and wishes,
the sky over my head
and a rope around my neck;

"Fist" when we own something we hold it in our hands, and the things that this man owns are what a man usually wants. But Death own him as well.

Fourth stanza:
I don't blame, I don't accuse
if today I'm writing here,
life is an unconscious gift,
a radio whispering
for who?
I don't know,
inside my fist
I've got everything
that a sane man will ask
ready to parch;

"I don't blame, I don't accuse if today I'm writing here" we cannot accuse anyone if we live in this world. "A radio whispering for who?" a radio generally doesn't whisper, but in this case it does because human life is as feeble as a whisper and most of the time nobody listens to us.
"I've got everything...ready to parch" one day everything we own will eventually come to an end.

Fifth stanza:
Ashes and dust
will fall as hourglass' sand
from my wrinkled hands,
unveiling that everything
is nothing:
where am I?

We can own everything, but without owning ourselves what do we really have?

So this is my explanation of the poem. I hope this will help you to fully understand it.


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