Thursday, August 4, 2011

Everywhere, always

Here we go with a new poem, this one gave me a lot of trouble. It isn't an easy poem, has a lot of symbols inside like the human powerlessness in front of the Universe, the fleetingness of life and of the things that we "own", the sadness of losing yourself everywhere and anytime, that everything you got in your little life is nothing if you don't own yourself and that we aren't asked to live, but we have to... if we do not want to commit suicide. In my opinion this one is a painful poem, representing the slow descent in the oblivion.

Tomorrow I'm going to post an explanation of all the verses.

Start the video before reading.

I made this photo outside a Gothic cathedral in Nuremberg.

Everywhere, always

Dangling feet
grazing November’s scrubs,
at the poppy's penumbra
a necropolis of desires.

I could be dead or alive
what will the Universe feel?
I'm straw, dried straw
without lymph,
I only wait to parch
and become dull ash.

What am I holding in my fist?
Love, a mother
freedom, fleeting health
dreams and wishes,
the sky over my head
and a rope around my neck;

I don't blame, I don't accuse
if today I'm writing here,
life is an unconscious gift,
a radio whispering
for who?
I don't know,
inside my fist
I've got everything
that a sane man will ask
ready to parch;

Ashes and dust
will fall as hourglass' sand
from my wrinkled hands,
unveiling that everything
is nothing:
where am I? 

Lives of others - original sound track


  1. Usually i am not too into poetry but this was really good keep up the good work!

  2. this is good, kinda dark.

  3. I like the necropolis of desires. Good work!

  4. It is good, and it is dark. Two of my favourite things.

  5. a long deep and awesome poem... congrats!

  6. Rich vocabulary you got there. This was pretty dark and deep, loved it. Lives of the others is such a good movie overall.

  7. I felt like this in '09 before my surgery and I was literally dying, felt bad man - thank God I pulled through.

  8. Nuremberg is beautiful, as well as your photograph. Also, I do like your writing too! :)


  9. You are extremely talented, you should write a book, seriously. You can make the reader feel the exact same thing you feel while writing it.

  10. Glad you told me what to look for in the poem, it made the impact so much greater.. the song helped as well.

  11. I hardly understood this one.

  12. don't worry MY 2 Pesos, tomorrow I'm going to post the explanation :)

  13. Sooo creative! Wish I could write like that.

  14. good stuff right there, followed

  15. really great post man! keep up the great work
    Dantes Inferno

  16. I think it turned out good. Keep it up!

  17. You have an interesting writing style. You have extraordinary talent to express yourself

  18. soundtrack music goes well reading the poetry